When Religion Becomes Evil: Five Warning Signs: Books: Charles Kimball

1. Absolute truth claims
2. Blind obedience
3. Establishing the “ideal” time
4. The end justifies any means
5. Declaring holy war

Here is a great book that I saw at our church.  It discusses five signs of “evil” religion.  I have no problem with the religious that would avoid these signs.  Unfortunately, I think they are completely at odds with almost all religious faiths.  The last one is more radical than the others but not few religions will teach that they may not hold the truth.

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March 14, 2007

I have moved my blog to a free service.  We have abandoned our old website to save several dollars a month.  We just didn’t utilize it enough.  I will post more here and it is more anonymous. Believe it or not I have some views that some may find objectionable…