Bush most certainly will not sign the spending bill with a binding time table for withdrawal (although I wish he would).  I think it is an important bill that got passed and the fox news analysts who yelled about “wasting time” make me mad.

Even though the bill will not get signed is no reason not to send a message to the president and giving voice to the discontent of a strong majority of American’s.  Most American’s want to get out of Iraq and the democrats were put in power, in part, to do their best to make this happen.  If they would not have pushed for the withdrawal they would have been doing the American people a disservice.

I wish the Democrats would hold fast and say “no pullout, no money” but I don’t imagine this will happen.  They will likely pass a bill with a, now common, “non-binding” resolution.  I find it humorous that the media says there should be a compromise such as a bill with no withdrawal plan.  How is that a compromise.  How is anything without a withdrawal a compromise with something with a withdrawal.  There can’t really be a compromise on that point.

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