I am now nearly 3 hours into Thomas Hitchen’s book “god is not Great”.  It is a book so full of great passages that I can’t possibly start listing them.  I will need to find a hard copy so I can find quotes to post here.  The problem with the audio book is that the words go by so quickly.


CO2 Buffer

June 28, 2007

I was listening to a science podcast where they were talking about how the oceans are acting as a buffer for atmospheric CO2 but that this is not limitless.  Once the oceans are saturated with CO2 then the atmospheric impact (climate change) will become more and more apparent.  There are other buffers that will become saturated and our current luxury of ignoring the problem will vanish.

Most recent book

June 28, 2007

I am listening to an audible book called “god is not Great”.  It is a great book and gives many examples of the “sins” of religion and makes a good argument for secular humanism.  By all means I am no unbiased reader so please read it and post your comments here.  But don’t post if you haven’t read it :).

I will undoubtedly take some quotes form the book and comment on them…  This is difficult to do from an audible book.


It sounds like banks are starting to worry about income inequality and warn investors about it.  The primary indicator of this is the default rate on mortgages and the sub-prime problem.

Source:  NPR Marketplace Monday June 25

It looks like our friends across the pond have some sense.  We should start pushing for the ban of “Intelligent Design” in science curriculum at the state level.



It sounds like campaign finance reform is effectively dead until the Supreme Court’s make up is changed.  This years Supreme Court has added to its role as the most divisive court in memory with another 5-to-4 (conservative-liberal) ruling saying that corporations have the same 1st amendment rights as individuals.  Such a pity that at the same time they are taking away first amendment rights from individuals they are giving them to corporations.

Congress so far :(

June 21, 2007

The democrats have done a pretty piss-poor job so far. The have yet to get much accomplished. I expect that Bush will veto almost anything that gets passed but the congress should review to pass anything that the president would sign. The should not have passed the war funding bill. period.

They need to stop backing down.

A great article with the above sub-title.

Why should we be spending so much money on this…

The truth is that since we have not been expected to pay the bill we just all this spending to happen. Any war time spending should have to be paid in full.


Proposed equity

June 15, 2007

I have an idea to through out.

After listening to the fact that the average CEO gets paid over 200x the average worker I thought that we should have a law in place that:

“No single employee will be compensated more than 100 times the median compensation of the employees of that company”

This is a ridiculous world we live in. Why should executives get paid so much more than the workers. The “value added” argument only goes so far. A law would eliminate the “competition” argument. This would give management an incentive to pay their employees more (in order to give a 100-fold increase in their own compensation).


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Bush’s trip to Europe

June 14, 2007

A scathing review of bushes trip to Europe.

It sounds like we should lock him in the basement and not let him out back onto air force 1.