Government Watch Dog Organization

June 7, 2007

I think that we need to add a more “democratic” branch to our government.  It would be a body that would review all laws and decide if the contents of the law were cohesive.  Laws that are deemed to be too broad or contain “pork” will be partitioned and sent back of individual votes in congress and approval by the president.

This body would not be elected and not appointed.  It would be a completely random from a pool of all Americans with social security numbers (yes even “criminals”).  Those that were selected would be required to participate (or spend the two years in prison) and would serve a two year term.  The only way out would be to demonstrate health issues with you or immediate family.  These health issues would have to require you to be incapacitated for at least the time of service and any transgressions would be dealt with as draft dodging would be.  Service would be like the national guard in that your job would be guaranteed on returning.  You would be paid something like $250,000 and year for this time.

It would be a rigorous with much of your time being educated on the matters included in the bills that are presented.  You identity will be anonymous and any “leaks” of the identity of those serving will be dealt with severely.  We don’t want people to pressure or otherwise corrupt the members.  Any reports of tampering or pressuring will have severe consequences to those doing the “lobbying” and perhaps members involved.

This would make for a far more “representative” body that would have not real power of its own except to make sure the other branches from passing laws with abusive side effects.


2 Responses to “Government Watch Dog Organization”

  1. Roman Zenka said

    This would not work very well. 🙂 Given $250000 a year most people would just slack and drive their Lamborghinis around, as you’d make them a different class. Nobody would represent the lower classes.

    My idea is to take more responsibility away from politicians and give it back to people. That would be more democratic. Politicians just do the dirty work you are lazy to do yourself, right? 🙂 I’m not calling for anarchy, just for a more effective system.

  2. bigew said

    I just figure that it was a fair amount of money to compensate both the rich and the poor. Maybe $100,000 would be more “average” but there would be a lot expected of them. It is not giving money away. They would hardly have time to enjoy the money during their tenure. They would need to become far more competent than our lawmakers currently are (they should actually be held to the same standards).

    The problem is that people are too easily corrupted by the media and do not take the necessary steps to become informed citizens. This small group would be representative, not concerned with election, and removed from coercive influence. The most important aspect is that they would not have any law making ability of their own. It would just try to make sure that the elected system didn’t pass laws that contained portions harmful to our government as a whole.


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