Growing voice of atheism

July 10, 2007

An article in PR week that talks about he growing voice of the Atheist movement.  My belief is that the growing voice is in response to the loud voice Fundementalism has received and become evident in the Bush administration and the Republican War on Science.


2 Responses to “Growing voice of atheism”

  1. Roman Zenka said

    The thing you want to mix with politics is not religion and not atheism either – it is REASON. 🙂 A stupid atheist is worse than smart Christian and vice versa.

  2. Eric said

    I think that the fundamentalists have had a voice for so long that our society has started to loose the voice of reason. Reason and fundamentalist religion are at odds with each other.

    The problem with “moderate” religion is that it often protects and validates the irrationality of fundamentalism.

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