Civic Duty Campaign

July 12, 2007

I think that there should be a bi-partisan initiative to push for a Civic Duty Campaign that would be funded by the government and hire ad agencies to come up with a non-partisan but energetic campaign to get people out to vote and to perform other civic duties.

There is nothing more important to our democracy and will help it succeed more than getting 90-100% of eligible voters voting.  I suspect even an attempt for a non-partisan campaign would be stomped on by the corporate political machine (both Republican and Democrat) but we should push this hard enough so that any attempt to squash it would be obviously undermining our democracy and hence being un-patriotic.

There should be ads in our children’s Saturday morning cartoons telling them how important it is for their parents and eventually them to vote and say how they WILL make a difference.  It is a shame that there is not such a campaign.  Occasionally some group will come out with a “rock the vote” campaign but it is not well funded.  The program I am talking about would be government funded.  Like I said there is no thing of greater importance to our democracy that getting people out to vote and so it should be given higher priority than our military in trying to get something done.


Some examples:
 – “Go and vote for things you care about [no matter what that is]”
 – “Report suspicious activities because if you don’t do it no one will”
 – “Help an old lady across the street”


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