North American Union

July 16, 2007

An interesting theory on how our government (in a bipartisan manner) are trying to create a North American union that would dissolve our borders and give up the sovereignty of the United States potentially tossing out the Constitution.



One Response to “North American Union”

  1. arnie patterson said


    i wish i had the email address of jerome corsi so i could tell him that he comes off as a fool in his book about the merger of the u.s. with mexico and canada. as a canadian and a long-time journalist i can tell him that there is no desire on this side of the border to merge with the u.s. the u.s. has too many sins to atone for. 935,000 estimated civilian deaths in iraq and the poeple of the states remain wilfully blind to the ruin they have wrought and the damage they have done to the country’s reputation world-wide. the u.s. is now seen throughout the world as a pariah and is a country that has lost any moral authority it once had.

    if there was a chance for merger, however, i would point out that it would be highly advantagages to the u.s. in that canada has the largest oil reserves iin the world, great than saudi arabia, the greatest source of fresh water in the world, zinc, copper, iron ore, nickel and other such raw materials which puts canada in the cat’s bird seat.

    canadians, despite their long-standing freindship and support, now see the u.s. as a threat to world peace. amen.

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