Please Democrats – H. Clinton too conservative

August 22, 2007

Liberal democrats need to be very careful for their reasons for supporting a Hilary Clinton run for president.  They will find that her (a moderate) being hoisted as a champion for the liberal will find that she, as her husband before her, will allow the Republican party to pull even further to the right.

When Bill Clinton was elected, a DLC right-wing democrat, was elected he as charismatic and very well spoken.  Liberals were drawn to him and overlooked his more conservative policies (welfare reform, NAFTA).  Instead of rallying behind this moderate to conservative democrat they Republicans saw an opportunity to attack him in a concerted effort to pull the country to the right.  It worked!

The next president was as far to the right as any president, at least since before the Great Depression.  The Republican’s had successfully launched an ad hominid attack and in so doing made democrats (even moderate ones) look “way to liberal for America”.

So when liberals are raw-raw-rawing for Hilary Clinton they need to realize that she is a conservative democrat and what electing her will mean.  I don’t have any problems with moderates.  I liked Bill Clinton and most of his policies. the problem I have is that the Republican party and conservatives just use it as an opportunity to pull the conversation to the right.  It worked too well…  THEY WILL DO IT AGAIN!  If you are going to elect someone who is going to be called a “liberal” no matter what make sure they are actually a liberal so there can at least be a tug of war instead of a landslide.



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