Parenting Beyond Belief

August 25, 2007

Here is a book I am reading.  I don’t read alot of parenting books but this one doesn’t claim to have a single best answer it is actually a few dozen authors with short essays and provides many perspectives.  I am said to say that this issue is going to be tough challenge to my marriage.  My wife wants to raise our boys in religion (ELCA) while I am increasingly of the mindset that religion is not needed to raise ethical, well balanced children as long as we put extra effort in place.  Not only is religion not necessary it leads to a scewd moral sense and a reliance on a false entity.  I plan on reading them teachings of all religions including the “dead” faiths or “myths” from the ancient civilizations.  They should then be able to understand that the Bible is just another set of stories that people use to make sense of the world.

Parenting Beyond Belief


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