Fine line for Eugenics

September 18, 2007

I have been pondering the idea of Eugenics.  I should say up front that I generally don’t approve of Eugenics.  I will go through what I believe eugenics is, why it is usually unethical and impotent, and under what circumstances that it would actually (and has) worked ethically.

Eugenics is the philosophy that you can subject the human species to artificial selection by political means.  This is often incorrectly equated with genocide (the forceful winnowing of a population).  Although genocide is a form of eugenics, eugenics is not necessarily genocide.  Genocide in the commonly understood definition is the goal of causing the extinction of a group based on “national, ethnical, racial, or religious” affiliation.  These traits are decidedly superficial and arbitrary.  I do assert that there are traits that we do not want continuing in our population but where to draw the line is the tricky part.

Eugenics – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Is ‘Do Unto Others’ Written Into Our Genes? – New York Times


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