Atheist Bumber Stickers I

November 25, 2007

Read your Book, Become an Atheist
Do you believe or just believe in belief?

Don’t preach in my school, I won’t think in your church

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This is perfectly why we need a single payer plan.  This is just going to get more common.

The gist of the story is that credit card companies are paying hospitals to get handed the accounts of patients and then charging them up o 27% interest.  Most hospitals will work out 0% payment plans.  I guess this is one side effect of the restrictions on bankruptcy that were put into effect a couple of years ago.  Previously people could have declared bankruptcy which is often the only way out of mounting medical bills.

It boils down to our healthcare system being unsustainable.  Our country needs to take a hard look in the mirror and decide if they want to let the poor suffer and die (the captialist approach) or help them out (more socialistic).  I guess as long as we can pretend to have our cake and eat it to we can continue to have many arm chair conservatives.  At a certain point (hopefully before a full blown 30’s style depression) things will reach a tipping point and we will get back on the New Deal bandwagon.  In a democratic or even truly republican system socialism is the natural outcome but as long as the down trodden don’t vote I guess the rich and those the rich ally themselves with (social conservatives) then we will continue until another Great Depression culminating in another World War WILL happen.

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November 16, 2007

A good op-ed by Krugman on Social Security and conservatism and Barak Obama’s poor stand on it.

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I have been listening to the Atheist Experience and The Non Prophets out of the ACA (Atheist Community of Austin) and find this information very useful and it is nice to not feel so lonely as an Atheist.  I think far more people are atheist than the number say and even that they will admit.  A good point was made that most people don’t believe in God they believe in the belief of God.  That is a good bumper stick slogan.

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