Huckabee just what the Republican’s deserve

December 17, 2007


I am thrilled that Huckabee is doing so well in the Republican primaries.  He is a religious nut that is, for the most part, an economic liberal.  I won’t vote for him because of his religious view point (the religious don’t show proper respect for this reality).  The economic Republican’s have aligned themselves with these religious nuts and this relationship of sin (or deal with the devil) as I call it has proven so far to be pretty good for the Republicans since both sides can ignore or just don’t care about the things that the other side is doing.  Now we have been seeing a greater split in the party because many social conservatives are actually leaning in an economic liberal direction and they may start to overtake the Republican party.  Of course, neither side can make the break or the entire party will go down the tubes.

The Republican’s are very close to a true split in a party so there is a lot of compromise that the social and economic conservatives need to make with each other just to barely hold it together.  The democrats also have many undercurrents but they are not nearly as ‘oil-and-water’ as the Republican party.  The economic conservatives (Goldwater) married themselves to the social conservatives because blowing up social issues is the only way that anti-populist politics can hope to survive in a democracy or a Republic even.  There is another way and that is to disenchant or disenfranchise voters which the two party system has been particularly good at.

There is an artificial 2 party system in America.  There are probably at least 5 key parties that form tight alliances and form the Democrats and Republicans.  Really those two parties are quite a bit the same and so there are actually more parties but the who would vote for them just don’t vote out of frustration.  I sympathize but I am pretty intolerant of abstainers.  They either need to make a decision for the lesser of the, in our case, two evils or just vote for someone without a chance but not voting at all is intolerable.

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