Obama needs to grow a backbone.

December 17, 2007


A great oped by Krugman stating some important reasons why I think the Obama has turned out to be a less than ideal candidate.  Krugman states that he has become that candidate for ‘no change’ because he tries to be over eager to compromise.  There are too many things that compromise will just end up destroying it.

Health care is one of those things.  You can’t negotiate with insurance companies because the real way to fix our health care system is to get rid of private insurance companies.  Likewise you can’t tip toe around and allow people to opt out of ‘universal coverage’ unless when they do get sick you say ‘you opted out, your on your own’ and deny any medical care at all which is not what Obama is hinting at (I hope anyway).

Somethings are just not open for compromise.

I always say that Edwards is my candidate but I always feel ashamed that I am supporting the white man as opposed to either the black man or the white female.  Not to mention that Edwards appears to be the most religious of the bunch.  It is not for demographic reasons that I am not supporting Obama or Clinton.

I must point out that there is a difference between Democrats being religious and the Republican’s being religious.  The democrat’s generally are religious in a way that allows them to “Respect this Reality”.  They may be religious but for the most part they will look out for the future of this world.


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One Response to “Obama needs to grow a backbone.”

  1. Roman said

    “I always feel ashamed that I am supporting the white man as opposed to either the black man or the white female.”

    That does not make sense? You do not vote them for their color or reproductive organs, right?

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