Bush now is against earmarks… Where has this been when republicans were in power?

January 28, 2008

Bush is now against earmarks…

Please refer back to my 4th branch of congress that would have line-item-veto power but would be a large (500 members) of a completely random sampling of U.S. citizens.

Apparently Bush wants line-item.  My plan wouldn’t give anyone line item but would say.  “Take this out and vote on each on their own merit”.  This other branch would not have any lawmaking or executive powers but would be a completely civil, drafted position with 2 year tours of duty.

Very good article about the future of the American “Superpower”

United States – International Diplomacy – Economic Trends – World Economy – Politics – New York Times

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Unfinished business for Bush in final State of the Union address – CNN.com


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