February 7, 2008

Even more reason to believe that the Hillary campaign in flagging much more than we would be led to believe by her showing last night.

Her campaign was $5,000,000 in the whole as she personally “lent” that much money to her own campaign.  Obama has been able to nearly double the fundraising and has not had to use his own money.

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Obama winning in my book

February 6, 2008

I think last night Hillary played her cards (NY, CA, MA) and even though he is trailing now Obama will get the nomination.  Of course there is a lot of things that can happen between now and the convention but…

3 key states that were expected to go to Hillary did but Obama did well in a lot of smaller markets and I think he will do well in the remaining states.  We’ll see…

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10% higher prices this year.  The good thing is that much of this stuff American’s can just cut out of their life.  The problem will be that it also cuts out the value added stuff such as retail and marketing.

China’s Inflation Hits American Price Tags РNew York Times

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Wow.  Although it has been speculated for years I didn’t expect it to actually happen.  It probably still won’t.  It should be scrutinized for anti-trust behavior.  Google should have been as well when they acquired DoubleClick.  I guess when you are under a pro-business administration you can be surprised what they let through.

I think they should be allowed to do it but it should and will be scrutinized.  I believe that Microsoft should be split along server/business/consumer lines and that their web business lies in the consumer space.  The should be enforced before this deal is approved.

Microsoft Bids $44.6 Billion for Yahoo – New York Times

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