Evolution as a Moral Guide

September 18, 2007

New York Times article on Evolutionary Ethics

I wrote a paper for my college Ethics class about natural selection and genetics role in ethics.  This article discusses this possibility.  The theory is completely rational and actually explains ethics in terms other than ambiguities such as “reason” and “god”.


An article in PR week that talks about he growing voice of the Atheist movement.  My belief is that the growing voice is in response to the loud voice Fundementalism has received and become evident in the Bush administration and the Republican War on Science.


CO2 Buffer

June 28, 2007

I was listening to a science podcast where they were talking about how the oceans are acting as a buffer for atmospheric CO2 but that this is not limitless.  Once the oceans are saturated with CO2 then the atmospheric impact (climate change) will become more and more apparent.  There are other buffers that will become saturated and our current luxury of ignoring the problem will vanish.

It looks like our friends across the pond have some sense.  We should start pushing for the ban of “Intelligent Design” in science curriculum at the state level.




A sarcastic view of the new creationism museum. I still can’t beleive that they built that thing. Only in America. God says “don’t waste your brain on thinking just believe.”

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