February 7, 2008

Even more reason to believe that the Hillary campaign in flagging much more than we would be led to believe by her showing last night.

Her campaign was $5,000,000 in the whole as she personally “lent” that much money to her own campaign.  Obama has been able to nearly double the fundraising and has not had to use his own money.

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10% higher prices this year.  The good thing is that much of this stuff American’s can just cut out of their life.  The problem will be that it also cuts out the value added stuff such as retail and marketing.

China’s Inflation Hits American Price Tags РNew York Times

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Bush is now against earmarks…

Please refer back to my 4th branch of congress that would have line-item-veto power but would be a large (500 members) of a completely random sampling of U.S. citizens.

Apparently Bush wants line-item.  My plan wouldn’t give anyone line item but would say.  “Take this out and vote on each on their own merit”.  This other branch would not have any lawmaking or executive powers but would be a completely civil, drafted position with 2 year tours of duty.

Very good article about the future of the American “Superpower”

United States – International Diplomacy – Economic Trends – World Economy – Politics – New York Times

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Unfinished business for Bush in final State of the Union address – CNN.com

Republican Diversity

January 22, 2008

Hopefully good news out about actual diversity in the Ranks of the Republican Party.

The Voters Revolt – New York Times

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It is interesting that the “Buyers Agents” have such a conflict of interest in getting their buyers to buy the most expensive house as possible as soon as possible.  They serve little purpose if you can’t trust them to be in your best interest so I support this law suit or similar ones.  You might as well not use one and if you do don’t pay them on commission.  I’m not sure what payment model would work better but definitely not commission.

Feeling Misled on Home Price, Buyers Sue Agent – New York Times

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Boy I remember that last one I got in 2002 or whenever it was.  It was $100 whoopie I have lost that much in services in the last 8 years and then some!

Bush Calls for $145 Billion in Tax Relief to Boost Economy – New York Times

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The Democratic party will support the 1st amendments Establishment Clause by:
 1.  Stop the funding of grants to religious organizations also known as the Faith-based initiatives started under the Bush administration.
 2.  Dissolve funding for the FBCI (Faith-based and Community initiatives)
 3.  Require religious organizations to maintain the same level of documentation and
and regulatory compliance as other tax-exempt non-profit organizations.

I might add more as I think of it.

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Recession of 2008

January 13, 2008

The 2008 recession will probably be a doozy.

I wonder if we will make it to the 70th anniversary of the official start of The Great Depression (October 2009).  It should be pointed out that many say the depression started quite a while before the collapse of the stock market and the banking industry.  Maybe this one has already started and we are awaiting a Wiley Coyote moment.

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This article talks about Huckabee not appealing to the big wigs in the evangelical movement.  Probably because they are in it for the real purposes of the Republican party.  To make money.

Huckabee Splits Young Evangelicals and Old Guard – New York Times

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They made the assertion that it was Obama that tried to take Hilary down a notch by pumping up stories about her crying.

My assumption when I heard those crying stories was that she was trying to soften her image.  I guess it is a bonus that people think the stories were pumped up by the Obama campaign.

Open Left:: Clinton–The Unlikely Economic Populist

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